Our mission

” Providing reliable solutions for tomorrow’s vegetable production while standing with our feet in the field.”

Our objectives

To accomplish that mission, the Reasearch Station  combines several activities:

  1. Practice-oriented and applied research at the national and European levels for the development of new insights
  2. Contract research to actively support the development of innovations and encourage smoother introduction within the vegetable sector
  3. Dissemination, demonstration and training activities tailored to:
    1. growers, advisors, …
    2. governments
    3. the broader public

Providing vegetable growers with the knowledge and innovative technologies and tools to grow high-quality vegetables in an economically profitable and sustainable manner, today and towards 2030 and even 2050, is what the Research Station is fully committed to.

To this end, the Research Station defined 5 priority themes:

  1. Core theme: Growing future proof vegetable crops
    Supporting themes:
  2. Growing crops by using future-proof materials
  3. Growing crops  in harmony with the environment
  4. Smart crops with room for automation and robotics
  5. Crops leading to reliable,  healthy, and sustainable companies

Our network

Together we are strong. Within the Research Station, we can count on an extensive network. On the one hand, we have a grower network with more than 500 members. This way we always keep our finger on the pulse in the field. But we also have valuable connections on a national and international network.

Our values

Within our organization, we place 5 values in the center. We value them as well in our day-to-day actions as in our approach to our members and external partners.