Working together

It is through working together, the helpfulness and trust we have in each other, that our Research Station runs and continues to run.

Moreover, we are all entrepreneurial, which only benefits the horticulturists and other entrepreneurs in the horticultural industry.

Practice-oriented innovation

Innovation is, of course, a significant value for a research institution. However, we do not simply want to innovate, but here we always consider practice and the practical solutions we want to offer for the future of horticulture.

By putting our eagerness to learn first, we manage to achieve this again and again.


Everyone wants to be proud of their work and work correctly. However, reliability is broader than that. The figures we communicate, the texts we write for magazines and growers, and the research we conduct and present to the outside world.

And all this in a sustainable way. Not only in a scientifically sustainable way but also in sustainable collaborations with colleagues or partners.


Everyone at the Research Station values drives, commitment, and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious, and working with passionate colleagues and partners is a pleasure.

This drive and enthusiasm go so far that it becomes a passion to help shape a sector and make it better day after day.


This is not about the commercial link of ‘customer-oriented’ work. It is about listening to the needs of all our members, the growers, and the needs of the whole sector concerning the regulations in force.

We set priorities to address the growers’ most pressing and most significant challenges. We help find solutions and are flexible. We always do this honestly and respectfully.