Growing future-proof vegetable crops

We are shaping the future of vegetable cultivation primarily by focusing on crops with a future. Changing climate conditions, the emergence of new diseases or pests, changing legislation, etc. ensure that the future may seem uncertain.

By 2030 we aim to grow existing and new crops under optimal conditions, resulting in healthy, high-quality, and productive crops. We also want to offer new and existing crops optimal growing conditions in terms of fertilization, lighting, cultivation techniques, and growing systems, …


Growing crops by using future-proof materials

No crops with a future without raw materials with a future. Here, too, we want to create the optimal conditions. Maximizing opportunities for circularity is a very important part of this. Reuse of materials and upgrading of residual streams must become the basis for each company.


Growing crops  in harmony with the environment

Giving cultivation a future also means paying attention to the environment. Within this theme, the Research Station focuses on growing vegetables in harmony with the environment. Attention is given to environmental and climate objectives. Fertilization research is used to determine how we can meet the standards of the manure legislation. We are also focusing on sustainable soil management, flower strips, and crop diversification.


Smart crops with room for automation and robotics

We are moving more and more toward a society where digitalization is becoming more important. This is also the case in our sector. Here too we want to go beyond implementing already developed applications. We want to make the agricultural sector a leader in precision agriculture and robotization. Growers are irreplaceable as a source of knowledge but can use all the help they can get. Just think of the possibilities of camera recognition of crops to detect weeds or diseases. Crop registration also offers options. In short, digitization and automation are 2 worlds we need to explore with an eye on the future.


Crops leading to reliable, healthy, and sustainable companies

Everything hinges on healthy business operations. Unburdening growers while inspiring them to be innovative is one of our goals. This along with making the chain completely sustainable. From purchase to sale. There is always room for improvement and we want to contribute to this with our practical research and our 5 values.