The research station for vegetable production (PSKW) has up to 50 years (° 1963) experience in the research of both the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and the cultivation of vegetables in open field. It is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization.

PSKW aims to create a link between the fundamental scientific research carried out at the universities and the growers. Their experience in dissemination activities and (semi)field trials combined with their close contact with growers guarantees the implementation of (best) practices and new technologies. Growers obtain the achieved results by organized open days, through the website of the research station, horticulture magazines like “Proeftuinnieuws” and “Management en Techniek”, study evenings at the various Growers Associations, the technical committees and the working groups and the close collaboration with extension services throughout the chain.

PSKW is also involved in several international projects again aiming to bring useful knowledge and research results to the Flemish growers.

PSKW is involved in several H2020-projects like “Sweeper”, “FERTINNOWA” , C-IPM , … . The research station is also member of EUVRIN, the European Vegetable Research Institute Network.