09/12/2018 14:30 - 09/12/2018 18:00

On Wednesday, September 12th 2018 from 14:45 to 18:00 h, growers, suppliers and the press can see the live demonstration of the SWEEPER pepper harvesting robot. This demonstration will be given at the Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium), one of the partners in this international research project. The BU Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research, coordinates the project in which partners from Sweden, Israel, The Netherlands and Belgium also participate.

The SWEEPER robot is the first sweet pepper harvesting robot in the world to be demonstrated in a commercial greenhouse. SWEEPER has been concentrating on harvesting peppers for the past three years, with 1.3 million tonnes being produced annually in Europe. The consortium expects that the outcome of their research will lead to a market introduction of the robot within a few years. The results confirm the leading role of Europe in the field of high-tech agro-robotics research and strengthens the competitiveness of the European greenhouse horticulture sector.



Date: September 12th, 2018
Time: 14:45 h – 18:00 h

Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt
Duffelsesteenweg 101
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver


14:45 Reception with coffee

15:15 Welcome (Raf De Vis)

15:20 Presentations of Sweeper consortium members
Introduction: Jos Balendonck
Software: Ola Ringdahl
Detection: Polina Kurtser
Crop: Liesbet van Herck
Testing: Jochen Hemming

16:00 Sweeper Movie

16:05 Preliminary Evaluation Results (Jos Balendonck)

16:15 Sweeper Info market and live demonstrations

17:30 Reception with food and drinks

18:00 Closure

Registration is important and mandatory for participation in the demo. You can register here, participation is free.

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