Crop protection

We combine experience, strategies, tools, and products that protect against various pests, from controlling the situation by reducing risk to dealing with the consequences of the problem. Your crops are in good hands at our Research Station.

GEP Efficacy and phytotoxicity trials

Since 2004 our trial station is certified to conduct GEP trials. The primary aim of
these trials is to ensure that high-quality trials are conducted.

Biological control and selectivity trials

PSKW has a great deal of expertise in research and development of biological control organisms, both microbials as macrobials.

Demonstration trials/events

The company and its clients can visit all these trials. We love to demonstrate our expertise and bring your practice to life.

Screening trials, residue studies and resistance monitoring

Products that are still in the research or early development phase may demand a specific trial design. Discover what we have to offer.

Rainfastness, UV-degradation and physical compatibility

Testing the possibilities of all of the above is part of our trials. In dialogue, we can come to a trial to make sure we meet your specific needs.

Seeds, biostimulants and fertilizers

The Research Station for Vegetable Production is well-known for its variety of trials. But we have a lot more to offer. Our infrastructure and people are fully equipped to conduct trials tailored to your needs.

Variety trials

Variety testing has always been an important pillar of our activities, both for indoor as outdoor vegetables. This is how we work.

Disease/pest susceptibility trials

For a range of disease and pests we offer susceptibility trials in which we test your resistant or tolerant varieties against diseases and/or pests in comparison to the reference varieties of your choosing.

Biostimulant trials

Biostimulants gain importance in vegetable cropping, their claimed effects on plant growth and/or abiotic stress tolerance can be proven or demonstrated in field trials.

Fertilizer trials

We offer trials to test if your fertilizer delivers a sufficient amount of nutrients for good crop growth and if your fertilizer delivers vegetables of good quality.

Co-development of automation solutions and innovative technologies

With our vast experience in (co-)developing various farming equipment and technologies, we can provide invaluable insights to help your company stay ahead of the competition. Collaborating with us can be more than just gaining access to our expertise and resources. It’s an opportunity to work together to develop new and innovative technologies that can benefit both your company and the horticultural industry as a whole.

Testing of machines and growing systems

Test runs of different crops on novel growing systems. Read all about it.

Robotics and remote sensing trials and demonstration

From early development and testing to demonstration and validating market-ready technologies.

Software and model validation

Climate control, sensoring – models for plant growth/yield estimation and/or pest and disease phenology

Artificial lighting trials

New light spectra, new lighting regimes, new types of lamps can all be researched at our facilities in cultivation of both fruiting and leafy vegetables

Trial suggestions?

If you have a request or idea that is not mentioned on our website, please contact us! There is a good chance we can work something out specific to your needs or that we can refer you to our partners.


Our experts can be of service to you during the R&D (technical expertise) or marketing (market insight, sales support) phase.

Promotional materials

Our in-house photographer/graphic designer/video editor can make promotional material or a short video-report of the trial(s) that we execute for you.

Subsidies acquisition

Finding out for which subsidies your company and project are eligible and subsequently applying for funding can be challenging. When we can play a significant role in the execution of the project (field trials), our researchers can assist you with your application.

Visit the Research Station

Do you have a request or collaboration idea, we would be happy to welcome you to discuss it with our experts. A tour of the facilities and trial fields helps to discuss concrete technical details and gives you a clear view of the possibilities.


Curious about what we have to offer?
Our research facilities consist of a 1.9 ha greenhouse (°2006) with 38 independent compartments where tomatoes, lettuce, sweet pepper, cucumber and courgette, among others, are grown.

Over 10 ha of fields are available for field vegetable trials on leeks, cauliflower, leafy vegetables, asparagus, cabbage, zucchini, etc.